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Sunday School meets on Sunday from 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. 
Below are some of the many adult classes we offer.  All are welcome.

  • Aldersgate This is one of our largest groups with an average attendance of 70 each Sunday. The curriculum is based on varied themes and subject matter. Most of their leadership comes from within the class. Meets in Wesley Hall.
  • Bishop McKendreeThis class uses a variety of books for studies to enhance their faith development.  Discussion is encouraged; leadership comes from within the group as well as occasional guest leaders.  Meets in Room 102. 
  • Christian Life Connections - This class provides opportunities for adults to study and discuss topics relevant to living the Christian life in contemporary society.  A variety of resources including the Bible, fictional and non-fictional writings, guest speakers, and DVD’s support the study of living and growing in Christian faith and actions.  Meets in Room 307. 
  • Fellowship Class - This class began more than 50 years ago and still thrives in attendance and enthusiasm.  They use the International Series of “Adult Bible Studies” with different leadership each week.  Meets in Room 103. 
  • The Gathering - Primarily a younger adult Sunday School class, this group enjoys studying faith issues relevant to everyday living.  Popular study topics include Christian living (parenting and marriage) with some focus on applying scripture to daily life.  Meets in Room 206.  
  • Marvin Willard Bible Study Class (formerly Adult Bible Study) - This class combines both large group and small group discussion.  The studies vary but are always scripture based.  Many of the class members are involved in the outreach programs of the church.  Meets in Room 174. 
  • Searchers This class uses a variety of Bible-based study resources.  Leadership comes from the class members.  The size of this group, which averages about 20-25 people each Sunday, is ideal for insightful discussion.  Meets in Room 171. 
  • World Religions - This class provides an in-depth study of religions in the world.  The primary resource is “Christianity and World Religions,” by Adam Hamilton with information supplemented by other relevant material, guest speakers and visits to places of worship.  Topics usually change quarterly.  Meets in Room 101. 

For information about any Sunday School class, contact

Cindy Banek at (757) 229-1771 Ext 258 or


Sunday School classes meet on Sunday from 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

WUMC's Youth Ministry meets regularly during the Academic Year. 

Youth Sunday School meets at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday morning in the Youth Center (room 174) as part of the wider church youth program. We cover a range of topics and themes from journeying through the Bible to life issues such as decision-making and social justice issues.

Please Note

School Calendars and other Special Events may affect this regular schedule.  Facebook users can receive updates and news by visiting our Page and clicking "Like."   

For more information, visit the Youth Ministries page by clicking here

You can also contact our Youth Director Andy Glascott

at (757) 229-1771 Ext 259 or

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children sunday school

Sunday School classes for all ages meet on Sunday from 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

At Williamsburg UMC, we want to help your children come to know the love of God through Jesus by making Sunday School a place they want to be.  We want to help children live out their belief in God in their everyday lives. We use the United Methodist curriculum, “Deep Blue,” which incorporates Bible stories, activities, crafts, media, and games into a full faith experience for children.  Each one of our Sunday School teachers is dedicated to building a relationship with your children in order to facilitate their spiritual growth!

  • Nursery - age 2:  Room 203
  • Preschool:  Room 202
  • Grades K-2:  Room 207
  • Grades 3-5:  Room 201

For information about any Sunday School class, 

contact Cindy Banek at (757) 229-1771 Ext 258 or

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senior pastor's bible study

Making Sense of the Hard Sayings of Jesus

Leader:  Rev. Bill Jones

Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall & Thursday mornings at 10:30 a.m. in Room 171

For many the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth may seem familiar and well-charted. What’s hard to understand about “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life”? (John 3:16) It’s a favorite Bible verse, quoted by many, printed on a sign and held up in the air at athletic games. If we look closely at the Bible, however, the terrain often turns out to be far more precarious than we realize. Some of the sayings of Jesus are puzzling, others are troubling. What, for example, are we to do with talk of hating parents or cutting off one’s hand or foot? Naturally, we prefer to avoid such remarks. Yet when we steer clear of the hard sayings of Jesus, something of the genius and passion of Jesus is lost to us. And when we dutifully read, but in the process seek to dull the cutting edge of these sayings, we are left with a domesticated Jesus who may be easier to live with but who can no longer claim new life in the kingdom of God. The prophetic voice of Christ so often falls silent.

In this Bible study I propose that we try and make sense of some of the most challenging words of Jesus. Our goal will be to rediscover and interpret responsibly for our day the hard sayings of Jesus. I invite you to join me in this conversation beginning April 11 on Wednesday evenings or Thursday mornings.


There are no special studies scheduled at this time.

vacation bible school


Vacation Bible School is “Shipwrecked”!

It is time to register for our annual Vacation Bible School (VBS)! This year, we will be “Shipwrecked – Rescued by God!” from June 18-22, 9:00 a.m. - noon. At Shipwrecked, kids will participate in memorable Bible-learning activities, sing catchy songs, play teamwork-building games, devour yummy treats, experience one-of-a-kind Bible adventures, collect Bible Memory Buddies to remind them of God’s love, and test out Sciency-Fun Gizmos they’ll take home and play with all summer long. Plus, kids will learn to look for evidence of God all around them through something called God Sightings. VBS is for all children ages 3-years-old through rising 6th grade. Adult and youth volunteers are encourage to sign–up, too. 

Registration forms are located at Connection Corner, the entrance to the church from the back parking lot


Complete online registration by clicking here.

For information about VBS, contact Cindy Banek at (757) 229-1771 Ext 258 or

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bishop's bible reading challenge

In 2017, Bishop Sharma Lewis challenged us to become "Bible Scholars". She asked us to join her in reading the Bible every day for a year. 

Bishop Lewis has issued another Bible Challenge for 2018. This year she is asking that all members of the Virginia Conference read the Bible chronologically. To see her letter to the Virginia Annual Conference regarding the challenge, please click here

For more information on the Bishop's Bible Challenge, please click here.

April Prayer Calendar: “Bishop’s Bible Reading Challenge for 2018”

We continue reading the Bible chronologically with our Virginia Conference Bishop, Sharma Lewis.

If you have any questions about these readings, please contact

Cindy Banek, Director of Christian Education and Discipleship (229-1771).


Judges 6-7


Judges 8-9


Judges 10-12


Judges 13-15


Judges 16-18


Judges 19-21


Ruth 1-4


1 Samuel 1-3


1 Samuel 4-8


1 Samuel 9-12


1 Samuel 13-14


1 Samuel 15-17


1 Samuel 18-20; Psalms 11 and 59


1 Samuel 21-24


Psalms 7, 27, 31, 34, 52


Psalms 56, 120, 140-142


1 Samuel 25-27


Psalms 17, 35, 54, 63


1 Samuel 28-31, Psalm 18


Psalms 121, 123-125, 128-130


2 Samuel 1-4


Psalms 6, 8-10, 14, 16, 19, 21


1 Chronicles 1-2


Psalms 43-45, 49, 84-85, 87


1 Chronicles 3-5


Psalms 73, 77-78


1 Chronicles 6


Psalms 81, 88, 92-93


1 Chronicles 7-10


Psalms 102-104