In addition to cancelling our worship services, all church operations (and programs that use the building including KMO, ECMS, Respite, Scouts, AA, etc.) will be suspended starting Monday, March 16, until further notice. 

Church doors have been locked. Please do not attempt to enter. This includes individuals with keys. Scroll down for a list of specific cancelled events.


The following upcoming events have been cancelled:

March 14 - United Methodist Men's Breakfast

March 21 - Rise Against Hunger Event

March 25 - Dr. Richard Freund Talk

March 28 - UMW Service Project - Blood Drive

March 29 - 5th Sunday Luncheon

March 29 - UMW Tea with the Rumi Friendship Association

April 11 - UMM Men's Breakfast

ReCharge Wednesdays

UMW Circle and Board Meetings

UMM Book Club

Bible Study Classes

Please check back here for updates as they become available.