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Special Events

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    You’re invited to provide one or more Easter lilies in honor or in memory of a loved one.

    Easter Lilies Form

    Return the form by March 28 with a check for $20 payable to WUMC and write “Easter Lilies” on the memo line.

  • Messy ChurcH IN MARCH

    Are you “Zoomed” out? 

    The Messy team hears your pleas for a Zoom reprieve, so for March we are changing things up! No Zoom to watch, instead we will give you a special bag for your family to use each day of Holy Week, March 28 – April 4. You and your family will observe Holy Week with scripture, stories, activities and special objects. Are you not sure what Holy Week is all about? This is the perfect opportunity to explore the meaning of the days before Easter at home with your family – and no computer screen! 

    If you would like to receive a Holy Week bag, please contact Cindy Banek at cbanek@williamsburgumc.org, and include your address in the email. Our Messy volunteers will also be calling families to say, “Hello!” Remember to always stay Messy!

    For more information about Messy Church, click here.


    Meets via Zoom

    Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm beginning February 17

    Thursday mornings at 10:30 am beginning February 18

    In a season of great social division and rapid change, it is a tough time to be the Church. Cultural norms that give meaning to life and order to society are in flux; gender roles, notions of family and sexual mores, in particular, are rapidly changing or simply being cast aside. Behaviors shocking to many are presented by others as the new norm. Cultural diversity, tradition, new forms of religion, and a widening wealth gap all contribute to the tension: folks just do not agree on the fundamentals of life as they once did.

    If that sounds familiar to you, good! Because that is the context of Paul’s Letters to the Corinthians. Perhaps more so than any of the New Testament, 1 and 2 Corinthians take up the themes of the cultivation of a uniquely Christian, godly character in the context of a rapidly changing, pagan world. Paul is deeply concerned with the moral witness of the Church at Corinth, and is determined to uplift the role that each member of the Church, and the Church as the Body of Christ, have in representing the Gospel to a skeptical, “heard-it-all-before” kind of culture.

    Not surprisingly, 2021 seems a fine time to turn our attention to 1st Corinthians! We will do so on Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings, using a Zoom discussion-format, from February 17/18 (the week of Ash Wednesday) and then journey through Lent, concluding April 7/8 – just in time to celebrate Easter the previous Sunday!

    Along our journey, “1 Corinthians: Wise Counsel for Strange Times!”, we will pose ethical dilemmas that challenge us to seek understanding, using what some call a “case study” approach. In this way, we will reflect seriously on how challenging and also how urgent it is that the Church transmit a witness to a distinctive ethical, moral way of living - one that calls others to discover Christ’s love and power for change.

    We will distribute a Zoom link by all available means, and all are welcome to come and be part for some or all of our eight sessions. If we can help you learn to use the Zoom video/telephone format, call us at the church office (229-1771), and we will gladly do so!