WUMC Refurbishment     -     renovation Updates


The "New Horizons on the Road of Discipleship" document is the WUMC 5-Year Strategic Plan. One of the key initiatives in the plan is to improve the WUMC Property. Accordingly, the Board of Trustees, are tasked with developing a plan for modifying the Church property so that it is more welcoming, engaging, and physically appears integrated into the digital age.  The Trustees have formed an Interior Design Advisory Committee composed of representatives of the Communications, Welcome & Hospitality, Worship, and Trustee Committees.

The first phase of these enhancements is the refurbishment of the parking lot entrance or "banner entrance" as it's more commonly called. The gallery pictures below are renderings of the proposed changes and will rotate automatically. To view PDF versions of the gallery pictures, see the interior rendering view by clicking here and see floor plan view by clicking here.

As we move forward with these improvements, check this page for updates.



The banner entrance improvements will begin on January 2, 2019. The improvements, designed to make the church more welcoming, will address safety (trip) hazards in the entryway, provide additional needed seating for church members and visitors, and improve communications by integrating digital information.

1/2019 - GREAT NEWS!!!!

The renovation of the Banner Entrance is underway. We are certain there will be some mild inconvenience during this exciting time, especially the week of January 21 - 25 when the Banner Entrance doors will be Closed (however, the church will remain open during this time). This is to be expected during any type of construction project, but we are excited for the progress. We are eagerly awaiting our new warm and welcoming Banner Entrance. We thank you for your patience while we work to improve the facilities here at Williamsburg United Methodist.

New Coat and Donation Shelves Closet

Located near the church office is our new Coat and Donation Shelves Closet. The room will be accessible at any time during the week. The new donation shelves will be home to FISH donations and other collections that we will have throughout the year (such as Turkey Day, School Supplies or the yarn we are currently collecting for the Prayer Shawl Ministry). Our Lost and Found Bin will be located in that closet during the renovation.