Serve at WUmc


There are many ways that one can serve at Williamsburg United Methodist Church. Scroll down to see how you can share your faith.


The best church leader is a team – a team of diverse talents, skills, experiences, strengths, and abilities. Our shared faith, values, goals and respect will guide us to effectively support and lead our church. 

Williamsburg UMC wants and needs your input to develop the church leaders for next year and beyond. Nominations for servant leaders will begin in September. The nomination work is to be concluded by the election at the Charge Conference which is held in the fall of each year. Servant leaders usually serve in the same position for three years. 

Servant leader positions include the following (note: not all positions are available each year because of the three-year term commitment):


      - Chair                                                                             - Vice Chair

      - Secretary                                                                      - Treasurer

      - Lay Leaders                                                                  - Lay Members to Annual Conference

      - Church in the World Chair                                           - Communications Chair

      - Congregational Care Chair                                           - Council on Ministries with Young People Chair

      - Endowment Chair                                                        - Finance Chair

      - Global Outreach Chair                                                 - Local Outreach Chair

      - Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair                       - Trustees Chair

      - Welcome & Hospitality Chair                                       - Worship Chair


      - Endowment (two at-large members)                             - Finance

      - Memorial Garden                                                          - Nominations and Leadership Development

      - Safe Sanctuaries                                                            - Staff Parish Relations Committee

      - Trustees


      - Church in the World                                                     - Communications

      - Congregational Care                                                     - Council on Ministries with Young People

      - Global Outreach                                                           - Local Outreach

      - Messy Church Planning Team                                       - Welcome & Hospitality

      - Worship


       - District Board of Missions Representative                   - District Steward

       - Lay Members to Annual Conference                         - Lay Members to District Conference


Nominations for the three Local Church Program Board (Early Childhood Music School, Kid's Morning Out, and Respite Care) come from their respective Boards.

Please complete the Servant Leaders Interest Form by clicking here. Deadline for submissions is September 22.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    WORSHIP MINISTRY - To volunteer for the Worship Ministry, click here

    MESSY CHURCH - To volunteer for Messy Church on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, click here

    RECHARGE WEDNESDAYS - To volunteer for ReCharge Wednesdays, click here

    MUSIC MINISTRIES -  To volunteer for any of the Music Ministries, click here

    EARLY CHILDHOOD MUSIC SCHOOL (ECMS) - To volunteer for ECMS, click here

    MEMBERSHIP & INVOLVEMENT COMMITTEE - To volunteer for the Membership & Involvement Committee, click here

    WELCOME & HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE - To volunteer for the Welcome & Hospitality Committee, click here

    CONGREGATIONAL CARE MINISTRY - To volunteer for the Congregational Care Ministry, click here

    CHRISTIAN EDUCATION MINISTRY - To volunteer for the Christian Education Ministry for both adults and children, click here

    KIDS MORNING OUT (KMO) - To volunteer for KMO, click here

    LOCAL OUTREACH COMMITTEE - To volunteer for Williamsburg Local Outreach activities, click here

    GLOBAL OUTREACH COMMITTEE - To volunteer for Global Outreach activities, click here

    UNITED METHODIST MEN (UMM) - To volunteer for United Methodist Men, click here

    UNITED METHODIST WOMEN (UMW) - To volunteer for United Methodist Women, click here

    WESLEY FOUNDATION - To volunteer for the Wesley Foundation, click here

    YOUTH MINISTRY - To volunteer for the Youth Ministry, click here

    RESPITE CARE MINISTRY - To volunteer for the Respite Care Ministry, click  here

    BUILDINGS & GROUNDS MAINTENANCE - To volunteer for Buildings & Grounds Maintenance activities, click here

    COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE - To volunteer for the Communications Committee, click here

    CHURCH ADMINISTRATION - To volunteer for Church Administrative Committees, click here

    MEMORIAL GARDEN COMMITTEE - To volunteer for the Memorial Garden Committee, click here

    ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS - To provide suggestions for new volunteer opportunities, click here

    For more information, contact the church at (757) 229-1771.