You’re invited to provide one or more Easter lilies in honor or in memory of a loved one.  

Easter Lilies Form

Return the form by March 28 with a check for $20 payable to WUMC and write “Easter Lilies” on the memo line.



Meets via Zoom

Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm beginning February 17

Thursday mornings at 10:30 am beginning February 18

Amazed by the pace of change and wondering when things will get back to normal? Paul could relate. In 1 and 2 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul deals with cultivating a uniquely Christian, godly character in the context of a rapidly changing, pagan world. Paul is concerned with the moral witness of the Church at Corinth and is determined to uplift the role that each member of the Church, and the Church as the Body of Christ, have in representing the Gospel to a skeptical, "heard-it-all-before" kind of society.

Not surprisingly, 2021 would seem to be a fine time to turn OUR attention to 1st Corinthians! We will do so on Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings, using a Zoom discussion-format, beginning February 17/18 (the week of Ash Wednesday) and then journeying through Lent, to conclude April 7/8 - just in time to celebrate the Easter season! In Pastor Dave's study, "1 Corinthians: Wise Counsel for Strange Times!", we will pose ethical dilemmas that challenge us to seek understanding, using what some might call a "case study" approach. We will reflect on how challenging and how urgent it is that the Church exemplify a distinctive ethical, moral way of living - one than calls others to discover Christ's love and power for change.


"Be the Bridge"  set to begin March 4 has been postponed to a later date.  

Questions, contact Cindy Banek, cbanek@williamsburgumc.org

Photo of the "New Revised Standard Version Bible" courtesy of www.cokesbury.com.  Photo of the "Be the Bridge" book courtesy of bethebridge.com.

photo challenge

Each day of Lent, we will be sharing one word to help us reflect and journey through Lent. We would love for you to share a picture to reflect on the journey through Lent. 

For a list of the daily themes, click here.

To see photos, go to the church Facebook page: www.facebook.com/williamsburgumc

Send your photos to Deacon Liz at lfox@williamsburgumc.org


Lent Devotions by Members of Our Congregation

Begin your day during Lent by reading daily lectionary-based devotions written by members of our congregation.  These devotions will begin on Ash Wednesday, February 17. 

If you would like to contribute a devotion, contact Cindy Banek, cbanek@williamsburgumc.org.

Lent Devotions by Our Bishops

The Council of Bishops invites the people of The United Methodist Church to a season of introspection and self-examination.  Together this Lent, we will confess and fast from the sins of discrimination, oppression and exclusion and feast on the beauty and blessing of the diversity of God’s Church.  

Each week of Lent and every day of Holy Week, a United Methodist Bishop will offer a short devotion.  These times of reflection will challenge and inspire us to follow Jesus through the wilderness, alienation, betrayal and even death.  Along the way, we will confront the sin of racism, renew our faith, and remember the promise of Easter—that redemption, reconciliation and liberation is possible.  This Lenten devotional series is a step in the journey of repentance, reconciliation and action in which we invite the whole church to participate.  These videos are available in the player below.